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Genere: Donna

Stato civile: Single

Città: Palermo / Palermo / Sicilia

Data di nascita: 03/27/1988




Descrizione: shopping, bar hopping, rock music, movies, dating men I'm Tiffany but my friend call me naughty virgin. I'm adventurous because I want to experience more thrilling things in life, like sky diving, bungee jumping, something that a girl really want to experience with the man he's longing to be with. I am a friendly person easy to approach and get alone with I like dating man specially to total stranger 'coz I want to travel most of the time and know them better. and i like surprices. I like romantic place 'coz I love to feel and being touch by a man with hard body and powerful tools that i can moan and say you complete me being a real woman. If you interested in me send me a short message at my yeah who that cum,,,, male that cum.


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