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Genere: Donna

Stato civile: Single

Città: Futani / Salerno / Campania

Data di nascita: 07/26/1986




Descrizione: Soccer, swimming, running, tennis, bike riding, volleyball clubbing, dinners, beach, Italy, drawing portraits using charcoal, going out with friends, movies, doing silly things and laughing, taking my little chihuahua (Sofia) for a walk, chatting on the phone, going to theatre, going to concerts and music festivals, getting drunk every now and then, dancing to anything, singing in the shower, sleeping till 1pm, travelling, ITALIA. Well u should already know me cos u r in my friends list!!! But for those who don't know me that well I came from Italy to Australia in 2001 and i have been living here since then. Go to uni, work, I like to have fun and most of the time i will have a smile on my face unless i havent had much that case i will probably be grumpy so for ur own safety I advise you that you shouldnt approach me hahah Im easy to get along with and love to have a if u have any funny jokes let me know! Im also quite stubborn at times and can be selfish too, I'm never judgemental, and I'm quite openminded. My ongoing wish is peace in the world and also winning tattslotto!


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