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Genere: Donna

Stato civile: Single

Città: Bergamo / Bergamo / Lombardia

Data di nascita: 12/10/1982




Descrizione: Skiing, dancing, tennis (I have tennis lessons once a week - which I am still very bad at) and cycling but only in the summer! Christian. skiing. family. friends. i love looking through old photo albums at fashion faux pas & drunken silhouettes. great restaurants. cosy nights in (with mn). the mountains. white wine. cashmere. Giorgia. travel. aperitvo hour. movies+munchies. NO to health spas, fitness workouts, hangovers, confrontations. NO to cooking (because i can't) and NO to less than 8hrs sleep per night! lol. my friends know i never like to speak about me!!!!! lol.


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