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Genere: Donna

Stato civile: Single

Città: Mossano / Vicenza / Veneto

Data di nascita: 01/19/1978




Descrizione: Listening, talking, laughing, learning, sleeping, meeting new people, keeping in touch with current ones, reconnecting with old ones, learning Italian, not settling down, not settling. Hanging out with my sisters and brothers--because everything we say or do seems to turn into a hilarious memory that, for some reason, only we appreciate; hanging out with people who make me laugh, laughing, the change of the seasons, thunderstorms, year-round temperate weather, Perez Hilton,waiting 'til marriage, California, San Francisco, EPA, all my kids and war buddies in Ravenswood, the Presidio, the foghorns of the Golden Gate, spending the day in Napa and Sonoma and pretending that I live the good life, celebrity stalking, clubbing in WeHo and pretending that I live the good life, Gulf Shores AL, Trader Joe's, Two-Buck Chuck, Anything Spanish or Mexican or Cuban (e.g., Diego Luna in "Havana Nights" is the perfect combo), Mexico, el DF, la Condesa, being stared at and whistled at and called "guerita" by chilangos, dogs, walking dogs, walking dogs on the beach and the woods, volunteering at the SPCA, Jeep Cherokees, road trips (no matter what car), non-brown eyes, yoga, siestas, spa pedicures I'm a good girl. Boring but blessed. Oh yeah, and I'm also waaaaaay past my mid-life crisis. (That was, like, soooo 2001.) I see the beauty in each individual. (Well, at least, I look for it.)


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