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Genere: Donna

Stato civile: Single

Città: ROMA / Roma / Lazio

Data di nascita: 05/26/1962




Descrizione: Professional translator/interpreter, I love Italian architecture and craftsmanship,and hope one day to work in interior design, craft retail or tourism in Italy. I began my career in tourism and loved it. I love the snow, the sea, sunshine, tennis, literature, Frenz... cooking, creativity, music, good company. different cultures, peace, life, inspiring people and travelling. I do not spend enough time on any of these but am working on it. My Family! Humour!! Our Life Story - the best story ever! Wot about Fashion??!! My pashion!! Max & Co, Pennyblack - yum yum yum (speshly in Via Condotti and thereabouts in Rome!!)


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