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Genere: Donna

Stato civile: Single

Città: Valtournenche / Aosta / Valle D'Aosta

Data di nascita: 06/13/1982




Descrizione: Photography, learn languages, reading, dancing, talking, going out to movies, friends houses, bars or concerts, meeting new people... The unusual and new, emotion, excitement, changes, passion... i do not like routine. GEMINI: You are curious, versatile and lively with a lot of mental energy. You are probably a smooth talker and never shy about expressing your ideas and opinions on whatever topic is on hand. You love to explore new ideas and to mentally challenge yourself. Mind games are just up your alley. Social settings are where you feel most comfortable because you excel at communicating and engaging others. Your thoughts move very fast, skipping from one idea to the next. In this you are hard to pin down. Your thoughts and opinions are always changing, in part because you are always acquiring new knowledge. The other part is because you are also very adaptable. Anything set in stone loses appeal for you. For you life is a journey, to gather new and exciting ideas and thoughts. Few things will make you as irritable as others trying to tie you down to anything. In the same manner, matters in romantic love can be very sketchy for you. Though you enjoy companionship as much as anyone else, you are firm in the belief that the grass is always greener on the other side. Besides, you love to discover new things and routines, stability and structure bore you to tears.


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