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Genere: Donna

Stato civile: Single

Città: Perugia / Perugia / Umbria

Data di nascita: 06/24/1982




Descrizione: Loving Peace,Being Drunk,Having Fun. Rock & Fuck :) Love & Peace !!! Working and working and also studying for my PhD., Talk (not any more !!!), Dance( this also not anymore), Watching Cartoons !!!.... Astronomy, New generation Space Telescopes, ESA, ELSA, Gaia !!! Mithology, Drink, Peace, Tattoo,Cartoons, Sponge-Bob, Italy, Mexico... As I peel away All the years of pain I discovered what's been all along You were so right I was so wrong Every shooting star They all fall so hard They all fade like a played out song Now is the time Before all is lost I'm coming home I'm coming home So I'm coming home Lost on a road I don't belong I'll rest my song I'm so alone Far from the streets I call my own I'm coming home Rushing back to me As the city sleeps So afraid of what I will find Memories they haunt From deep inside Every broken man Comes to understand that he'll never find paradise When all that he wants Was there all the time ?????????????


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