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Genere: Donna

Stato civile: Single

Città: caserta / Caserta / Campania

Data di nascita: 03/28/1986




Descrizione: snowboarding, downhill skiing, swimming, biking, traveling, languages, studying ( ! ), driving people nuts, cooking, surfing, wakeboarding, bungee jumping, sky diving, hanging out with my friends, anatomy, tutoring, the human brain, eating crazy amounts of Nutella, being happy, spreading positive energy, reading, my Ipod, New York, gummy bears, my piano, random road trips, my royal Italian butt, dancing, singing in the shower, enjoying life, gelato, helping others, having a good time, the beach, hiking, windsurfing, camping, sunrise and sunsets, smiling, laughing at my own jokes, jumping on my bed, sushi, taking it easy, laughing, photography, Andy Warhol, movies, music, hugging, soccer, my Nintendo Wii and my Game Boy, pillow fights, shaking my bootie, , my family and my friends, running, kickboxing, American Football, baseball, playing basketball, lacrosse, karaoke, watching horror movies ( but only if someone wachtes them with me ), pasta, martial arts, mountains, light fluffy snow, sleeping, being lazy, singing loud in the car, watching stars, thunderstorms, love, foreign culters, art, fireworks, starbursts, kisses, summer, playing in the field, kicking some serious butt, eating chocolate, running in circle, shopping, espresso, kicking some serious butt :), lollipops, nice fluffy snow, my dog fido, just being Nicholetta....


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