Julie D

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Genere: Donna

Stato civile: Single

Città: Palermo / Catania / Sicilia

Data di nascita: 01/22/1979




Descrizione: I'm Janet ..Am 27 year old single and never married female with no kids, 5-7ft tall, 148 lbs...Brow hair and.. I'm attractive, highly-educated, kind, giving, loving, caring, and extremely affectionate woman who is a single-with no kids.. To love me is to accept me as I am. I do not want to be judged for the things I do. I want you to trust me and let me do what I feel is right. We women are always "right" — it is a matter of love. When I feel alone, empty, a stranger, I want your eyes to tell me I am the person you love and you want me for what I am. Do not do or say things because you think you are "honest", do them because of your love for me, and trust me even though you think I am wrong. Just as we do not judge our children because they are our children and we love them.


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