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Genere: Donna

Stato civile: Single

CittĂ : Lucca / Lucca / Toscana

Data di nascita: 05/07/1909




Descrizione: ENG: The term "slojd" has it's origin in the old norse word "slöghd" wich meant shrewdness, diligentness, skillfullness, knowledge and wisdom and of the word "slögher" wich meant the characteristics of beeing handy, have deft fingers, skillfullness in crafts, dexterity, experienced, clever, inventive and ingenious. IT: La parola "slöjd" viene da una parola nordica antica, "slöghd", che vuol'dire astuzia, diligente, abilitŕ, conoscenza e saggezza e da la parola "slögher", che significa la qualitŕ di essere abile, lesto, abilitŕ di artigianato, arte, esperto, abile, inventivo e ingegnoso. To "do" things. In almost every kind of material.It's a way to get harmony and balance into your life, gives you self-esteem and mindfulness, develope your ability to solve problems and at last, makes your thoughts fly high. I want to share this - so I study to become a theacher in "swedish sloyd" = arts and crafts with a twist.(Both wood & metal and textile). And... let's not forget that I'm a female creature after all- even though I've heard many, many times that I've got such a masculine appearence...(?). Ok, there's two addicts I can't resist... SHOES and HANDBAGS. Last time I counted (and that's a couple of years ago) I had more than 100 pair of shoes and around 25 pair of boots. And then the shoe fashion went more in my direction again (yes! Stilettos!).....so I got more - and more - and more. Walk-in closet, somebody? It's a tregedy, though, that I don't live the right kind of life to use all theese shoe wonders. Whitty little dresses or stilettos are not that functional when spending the days like I do... Furthermore: you don't know wich positions I'm willing to take to get a good picture ... But it happens in periods, sometimes a lot, sometimes nothing at all. I prefer views of nature, and love that special light you find just before sunrise. . I try to smile everyday to myself in the mirror - it's a way to guarantee that I get at least one smile that day. I'm phlegmatic. And I can be a bit manic about, or even possesed by, certain things for a while - or is it just that, that I'm impassioned? Hm - what more? Well, I have flexible joints. And enormous calves, I've heard - But hey, SOME curves are allowed, right? Haven't got many others, lol.


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