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Genere: Donna

Stato civile: Single

Città: alessandria / Alessandria / Piemonte

Data di nascita: 07/07/1980




Descrizione: Height: 168cm Weight: 65kg Eye Color: Hazel Hair color: Rusye, milirovanye Length of hair: the average number of Fashion: elegant Build: slender Not smoking and not drinking woman I live one The parents live separately 28 years 7 July 1980goda I am balanced, cheerful and active girl. According to my friends I am sociable and attractive. Some of my characteristics: has a good sense of humor, independent, generous, one's, a warm, open, loving, gentle! I have a large circle of friends and I are making every effort to see them more often. I enjoy cooking and therefore a large amount of time I spend in the kitchen.


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