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Genere: Donna

Stato civile: Single

Città: Motecatini-Terme / Pistoia / Toscana

Data di nascita: 10/15/1952




Descrizione: All the below Golf, singing, painting (that's the fine art rather than the Changing Rooms kind of painting), reading, travelling. Why is that you can never think what to say when the question is asked to tell someone about yourself? I would rather leave it to those who read my facebook who know me - so guys getting imputting your comments about me. Other than that, I am a passionate and compassionate person who loves to meet people, sing and paint pictures of people. I do not like to be on my own, which I am and which I can do nothing about at this present time!!?? I looooooove my children - all four of them (daughter-in-law included as my fourth child!) and so want to be a nana. I love to create new looks in my home, especially when I move into a new place. I have to have my books on shelves and pictures on the walls, wherever I live and it is killing me at present because I've just moved and not got round to doing this yet. My door is always open to anyone, there is a limit tho, like no Boston Stranglers, door-to-door or grumpy people. I am trying to update my facebook more because I've been told it's the place to keep in touch. I've got to get photos downloaded and will do as soon as I have more time to spend on this site. See you soon, any comments welcome - as long as they are constructive!?


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